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I think most intentional moms want their children to grow up to be happy, responsible people!  Moms also want to have a connection with their children…as they grow into school age, during the teen-age years, and as they leave home and become adults.

I believe that one way to make that happen is to communicate with our children NOW!

Good communication with my children is a priority for me.  But even as a full-time homemaker I can’t always sit down and have a long one-on-one chat with my kids…and then the mom guilt sets in!  How can I make it happen?

Honestly, I’ve realized over the past several years that I’m not the best communicator!  BUT…I have been making a conscious effort to be better!  And one way that I communicate better is by letter writing!

To solve my problem…I got some notebooks…one for each of my daughters.  My idea was these notebooks would go back and forth between us.  They would be a place we could share our thoughts, feelings, and struggles.  And they would be something my daughters could go back and read and remember how much their mom loves them.

I found 3 cute notebooks with similar designs but different colors at Walmart. (I think these notebooks on Amazon are really cute too!)

When Do I Write?

  • These notebooks provide opportunities to communicate anytime…however, I always make sure I write something at the beginning of a school year.  I want to encourage and get them excited for what is coming up (especially if I know they will be facing some challenging stuff…it’s a great time to let them know that I believe in them and I know that they can do hard things!)
  • I also like to write after they have done something awesome…whether that is a piano recital or being extra nice to one of their siblings.  Writing after doing something that isn’t outwardly awesome can be especially meaningful.
  • I try to write when they accomplished something that was hard or took a lot of effort.  It’s always nice to be noticed after giving your all to a project.
  • These notebooks have also been useful for me after we have had an argument.  I can express my love to them…possibly before they are ready to get a hug from me!

We all want to have happy families.  I love our notebooks as another way to communicate… they are also a bit like a journal.  It’s fun to go back and read things we wrote a year ago (or more) and reflect on what was going on or what we were struggling with!






4 comments on “Better Communication…With Notebooks”

  1. This is such a great idea! I love that you are passing notes with your kiddos, and allowing them to put their thoughts and feeling down on paper.

  2. I love to write. It’s been a passion since childhood. My daughter caught the bug too. Using a notebook to capture thoughts is a great idea. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

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