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There is something about summer that brings a smile to my kids’ faces!  I have done a summer reading BINGO with my kids for several years.  Thankfully, my kids have enjoyed reading from a young age so it has been easy to get them excited about this…especially when there are extra rewards involved!

reading-bingo summer-bingo

What Counts?

Last year…I shook things up a bit and specified certain genres of books that I wanted them to include (nothing wrong with encouraging them to broaden their horizons!)  They could still read books that they wanted…but somewhere on their BINGO chart they had to have the following:

  • historical fiction
  • classic
  • biography
  • non-fiction

I also added some activities that weren’t reading related.

  • Volunteer work and scholarship applications for my oldest (last year she had the opportunity to volunteer at our local zoo and the public library)
  • The oldest 2 get credit for teaching the younger ones a new skill (last year one of my daughters set up a cooking class for the youngest four!)
  • Cub Scout belt loops (last year my son had fun working with a friend to get some extra awards since our troop takes the summer off)

summer-bingo reading-bingo


Another twist I added…not only do I give out individual prizes but I give out collective prizes.  This tactic (hopefully) encourages teamwork and helps them encourage one another.  For the record:  Last year I tried to give out more rewards…but it just got too overwhelming for me!  So this year I scaled back to help my sanity!

reading-bingo summer-fun-kids


My kids know that when they see these charts up on the wall…summer is here!






9 comments on “Summer BINGO”

  1. The other year, I did a reading bingo for my oldest, to help him remember to read in the summer, but I never thought of adding other things to it. What a neat idea! I’m glad I found you on the link party!

  2. This is a wonderful idea! I’m totally focused on making sure my kids are reading and expanding their horizons in that way – but this is so much more well-rounded! Good work, mama.

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