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Chances are…if you are a mom then you are busy!  Sometimes it is hard to keep up with everything going on in our children’s lives and still take care of ourselves!  Staying healthy as a mom means being able to take care of our families…why don’t we do a better job of it?

I think our society can make it difficult with the many choices that are available.  There are so many different meal plans and exercise routines to choose from…it can be overwhelming!

Sometimes, I have to remind myself to keep it simple….because even busy moms can develop healthy habits!

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My healthy habits plan for moms!

  • Move more
  • Drink more water
  • Eat more fruits and veggies
  • Eat less white stuff


  • Move more.  I don’t know about you but it is nearly impossible for me to commit to exercising more than 30 minutes a day.  I just have too many people demanding my attention.  These are the things that work for me:
    • workout videos I can do at home (one of my favorites is  Kelly Coffey)
    • workout routines on Youtube (I like Popsugar and Fitness Blender)
    • heading outside for a walk/jog using the interval timer on my phone (I like listening to podcasts when I do this)
  • Drink more water.  I don’t know why this is so hard for me…but it is.  I use a pint canning jar for my water glass…so I need to drink 4 a day to get 8 cups.
  • Eat more fruits and veggies.  By eating one serving with each meal and 2 snacks…I’ve got it!  It helps me a lot to plan this out!
  • Eat less white stuff.  I’m talking white sugar and white flour.  We have cut back a lot on sugar in the past year…but I need to try to find some treats to make that don’t use sugar so my family doesn’t feel deprived!

And there it is…4 simple steps…at least it looks simple when I write it down!

healthy-habits-mom, healthy mom, mom goals, healthy family, mom healthy habits



9 comments on “How to Stay Healthy as a Busy Mom”

  1. Hey there! Stopping by from Heath and Soul Link Party. Thank you for sharing these simple, important tips to stay healthy. Sometimes they are easier to do than others – the whole “limit white food” is especially hard for me – hellooooo, pasta!!! (My kids won’t eat the whole wheat stuff, so any tips there would be greatly appreciated!) I’d love to add one more tip to help busy moms stay healthy: take time for yourself. Your mental health is every bit as important as your physical health, and I’ve known too many moms who lose themselves to the busy-ness of motherhood. Do some things YOU enjoy. You’re just as important as everyone else in your life!

    • My kids don’t like the whole wheat pasta either! I have found that I like some brands better than others…and I have a big enough family that I can make 2 packages…1 regular and 1 whole wheat. I will mix them together if they are in a casserole type dish, then they don’t seem to notice.

      I love your important reminder on taking time for ourselves…that is definitely something I am working on!

  2. Very useful article for busy moms to keep herself fit and healthy. Their fitness is very important for the house. Beacuse the more they are fit the more can they work. Thanks for sharing these tips. #mommymoments

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