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Meal planning…some people love it and some people hate it!  As a homemaker…it is constantly on my mind.  Everyone has to eat…and those little people demand it…often!

It may not be everyone’s favorite thing to do but meal planning is a great way to save time and money!


I like to do my menu plans by the month…but because plans have a tendency to change during the month…I also take a closer look at my plan on a weekly basis.

Just print out a bunch of these at once (trust me…you don’t want to have to go look for them on the computer every week!) and put them in your kitchen by your cookbooks.

Take a look at your monthly plan.  Sometimes…I find that plans have changed and I need to switch things up a bit.  That’s ok…life happens!  Take a few minutes to look at your calendar for the upcoming week…and plan your meals accordingly!  Some evenings we have more time than others…that’s what crockpots are for!

Weekly Meal Plan





8 comments on “Secret to Sanity…Weekly Meal Planning”

  1. Great meal prep printable. I’m going to give it a try! I like to have a plan for our evening meals each week, but don’t always take the time to get it down in writing. Thanks for the help! jenonajourney.com

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