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Oh yes…”the most wonderful” time of the year is here!  My kids are getting super excited and ready to fill out their Christmas wish lists. It can be hard to avoid the “gimmes” during this time of year with all the glitz and glitter that surrounds the season.

This list helps kids be specific about their wants (and sometimes needs)…and that helps me out a lot, especially with my teens (who can be a little picky about what they want!)

Christmas wish list

Christmas List Categories

We have 4 main categories of gifts we give to our children.  Three from us and Santa…plus family gifts from Santa.

We base the gifts we give our children on the gifts that baby Jesus received…gold, frankincense, and myrrh.  I found this idea several years ago when our oldest was just a baby and I was looking for ideas to help us keep Jesus in our Christmas traditions…we have used the idea ever since!

Here’s How it Looks at our Home

  • GOLD:  Something of value, generally something a little more expensive. Sometimes it might be a group of items (although our kids know we won’t spend more than $100 on this one…and that is only the older ones!  It’s easier to spend less on younger children)
  • FRANKINCENSE: (Frankincense was burned in the temple as part of worship.)  A gift to help them draw closer to Jesus Christ…we have done framed pictures, scripture coloring books, scripture pencils, scripture stickers
  • MYRRH:  (Myrrh was used as a medicinal item.)  A gift related to physical needs…we have done sports equipment, clothes, a physical experience (like a zip line)


At our home, Santa brings each child a few things plus fills stockings.  He always puts an orange in the toe of our stocking and also includes socks, toothbrushes, and a little candy…along with other small trinkets.  He also brings books, games, movies and other family gifts.  And just for the record…Santa does not ever wrap anything at our house.

Sibling Gifts

We have our kids draw names to give to each other.  We give them each a $10 budget.  We usually all head to Walmart (although we have also done Hobby Lobby before) and split up.  Some kids go with Mom and some with Dad…based on who they are giving to.  .

Make it Happen!

  • Print this list out (one for each of your children).
  • Set aside some time for them to fill it out.  I like my kids to fill it out during the first half of November…that gives me plenty of time to plan, prepare, and gather the goodies!

Share Your Ideas!

  • How do you decide what gifts to give your children?
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